In an ideal world accidents and serious illnesses wouldn’t happen. The next best thing is to protect yourself against the consequences. Forever provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family will have permanent financial health if the worst happens. It’s invaluable if you want to be sure you and your family are able to keep paying bills and enjoying life.

Product Overview

  • Forever covers you against partial disability and permanent total disability caused by an accident or illness
  • You can depend on a regular income of up to a maximum $3,000 a month to cover your living expenses.
  • Payments will be made to you for the whole of your life. We guarantee to pay you for a minimum of 20 years
  • From the age of 60, until you are 65, you can renew the policy at the same premium with 50% of the benefits.

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Minimum age 18, maximum age 59. The policy can be renewed from age 60 to 65 for 50% of the benefit at the same premium.

US Dollar

Minimum and Maximum Benefits 
Maximum $3,000 a month, minimum $250 per month.

Taxes and other levies 
* Local taxes will be extra

Male and Female

Premium Modes 
Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly

Subject to policy terms and conditions

Income if you are unable to work

Income if you are unable to work

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