Income if you are unable to work

"Hi - I'm Anna. I'm married to my husband George and we've had very little to worry about in life in terms of health and finance fortunately.

However, something happened recently which made us worry a bit about the future and the plans we have in place. My husband's boss, Rob, who we know very well, recently had a stroke and he's only 55. It's been very hard for his wife and children. It brought home to George and me how the chances of these kinds of illnesses can be increased by a less than healthy lifestyle – high-stress working environments, eating out a lot and things like that.

Rob's wife and the 2 children are obviously suffering huge emotional upheaval but they now have financial difficulties as well. They have medical insurance which takes care of the hospital bills, but they hadn't considered Rob's ongoing disability which could mean they have no monthly income. We realised that this could happen to either one of us and having seen the family's difficulties, decided that we'd like to put a plan in place to look after our family if we can't rely on George's income anymore."


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